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  • Team & Couple Rules

    Teams and Couples Showdance Competition

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    2017 Hot Ballroom DanceSport Challenge Guidelines

    Teams & Volunteer Judges

    Participants- There must be a minimum of 2 dancers for Solo showcase. 3-7 dancers for Small Team, minimum of 8 dancers for Team and there is no maximum for Team.


    Dancers can include: ProAm, mixed proficiency, Amateurs.

    Age: Preteen, under 12, Junior/Youth 12-18,

    Adult 16+


    Description- This dance routine must be a minimum of 60% announced dance moves and can be a fusion of 40% of any other genre of dancing.


    Music -

    • Music is competitors' choice, and we ask you to keep it family friendly for our youth competitors. 
    • Submit to hbdschallenge.info@gmail.com by May 13, 2017
      • On the day of the event, the music director is focused on the active heats.  Late music submissions will only be accepted on a non-interference basis at the discretion of the organizers and should be on a flashdrive.
    • .mp3  files are preferred - Include competitor's name, song title, and dance in the file name (e.g., Grey_TimeofMyLife_rumba.mp3)

    Fees: Registration Competition fee is required for all dancers.

    Fee for Solo Showcase - $80 per single routine.

    Fee for Team - $120 per routine.

    (Multiple routines can be performed.)


    If any dancer competes with a Team ONLY the social dancer membership with USA Dance organization is required.


    Time- The routine must be min 1 min- 3.5 (max) minutes long.


    Limits- There are no limits in this division. You may use props, lifts and tricks, music changes, and more.


    Note: Liquids or other substances that can litter, damage, or make the dance floor unsafe may not be used.

    The use of such liquids/ substances will be punished with direct disqualification of a Team/Formation.


    Scoring- You will be judged on

    1. Technique.

    2. Musicality, synchronization, timing.

    3. Costumes, creativity, atmosphere .

    4. Choreography and presentation.


    All Small Teams and Teams will be dancing preliminary round during day session (if minimum of 3 teams total competing) and the finals will be during the evening session. In the finale the best scored 2 Teams will be competing for first/ second places and 3-4th scored places will compete between them (minimum of 4 teams competing from the preliminary round)



    Trophies for 1-3 place.


    Volunteer Judges:

    We encourage the representative of participating Team to apply for Volunteer Judge position. The head shot and the bio with list of qualifications ( years of teaching, dancing. Titles if applies, etc.) is required with the application. No judging license from USA Dance or any other organization is required. Many candidates can apply for volunteer judge position. Only one Volunteer judge per Team will be accepted. However we will keep the candidate’s info for future considerations for invitations. If candidate is accepted the picture and bio will be published in the program.



    - Championships

    - Show Dances

    - Award winning OCSA Latin Formation Team

    - Top Studio Award

    - Special Performances

    -World class dance show by Emmanuel Valery and Tania Kehlet

    -Tribute band REM celebrating the music of Freddie Mercury and Queen

    -Dancing with The Stars Pro Anna Trebunskaya

    -Social Dancing


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