Chairman of Judges - Yuehwern Yih


    USA Dance+WDSF - Chair+ A+ B+ C+ D+ Chair of Judges - World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) and USA Dance.

    Certified Adjudicator - World Dancesport Federation (WDSF)
    Championship Certified Adjudicator by North American
    Dancesport Teachers Association (NADTA) and USA Dance
    Certified Scrutineer by National Dance Council of America (NDCA)

    Throughout her dancing career, Yuehwern has been passionate about learning, teaching, and helping students find their pathways to success on and off the dance floor. Besides dancing, she completed her B.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, specializing in smart operations and system engineering. She is currently a full professor in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University.

    Adjudictor - Ara Mkhoyan


    WDSF - A+ B+ C+ D+ E+
    Ara Mkhoyan has been teaching and training dancers for the past 40 years. In 1972, he became one of the founders of ballroom dancing styles in Armenia and has won the championship of Armenia twice. In 1987, he founded the first specialized studio of sport dance in Yerevan, Armenia. He is a lecturer, associate professor, and author on the subject Pedagogy of Dance. He is currently the chairman of the Judges Council of the Dance Sport Federation of Armenia, Vice President of the Armenian Dance Sport Federation, and Member of the Board of the National Dance Union of Armenia (NDU). He is licensed WDSF Adjudicator A and Professional Division (PD).

    Adjudicator - Svetlana Sveti Vetbytskaya


    Svetlana is the Ukrainian Champion in Latin American Dances and finalist in 10 dances. She has trained many Swiss champions and runners up during the years.

    She judges WDSF competitions all over the world and organizes the largest competition in Switzerland the "Swiss International Dance Sport Festival" held in Chiasso since 2000.

    Adjudicator - Daiva Dackeviciene


    Coach of the Dance Club Kaspinas, Lithuania, from 1987. She has trained many Lithuanian champions who have reached the world and Europe finals.

    WDSF Adjudicator. License starting from 1999. Experience – Grand Slam Moscow, Grand Slam China, European Championship ST, World Championship LA Formation, WDSF International competitions in Europe, Canada.

    Chairmen. License starting from 2006. Experience – all main WDSF International competitions in Lithuania, starting from 2007.

    Couch. Experience – from 1987. Specialization – LA and 10 dances. All groups of ages. The highest category in Lithuanian sports couches classification. A lot of Government Awards and medals for achievements in sports results. Trained couples - World Championships finalists, Europe Champions and finalists, Lithuanian Champions and finalists. Couching area – Europe, Israel, USA, Canada.

    Adjudicator - Igor Nikon

    Ontario, Canada


    WDSF - A+ B+


    Igor Nikon is a former Ballroom and Latin American Amateur and

    Professional dancer. Participant of European and World

    Championships. He is a Coach and Owner of multiple Dance

    Studios since 1982. He is currently coach, manager and owner of

    Dance Mania Studio in Toronto,CANADA in which there are many

    Canadian Champions that represent Canada in the World

    Championships. Igor and Yelena Nikon are the organizers of the

    Toronto Grand Cup competition.
    Igor Nikon is clasified as a National, WDSF and WDSF PD


    Adjudicator - Salvatore Todaro

    Salvatore began dancing at the age 10 and has been teaching since the age of 16.  With his partner and wife, Violeta Yankova he has participated in all major competition finals.  He and his partner were 11 time Bulgarian national champions, rising star winner of the United Kingdom open championships, 2nd at the British open in Blackpool and 2nd at the German open.

    They were finalists at the international open in London and 2 times finalist at the World Games in Kaoshung in 2009 and California in 2013. They were 5th at the WDSF adult world championship in 2013 in Kiev. and WDSF world cup winners in Burgas in 2013. Together with his brother, Salvatore is owner of one of the most prestigious dance studios in Italy, Todaro Dance Academy, which attracts couples from many countries.
    Salvatore is a fully licensed WDSF judge.

    Adjudicator - Oleksandra Myshko


    Oleksandra was awarded the title of Honorary fellow of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine . She won many government awards. Oleksandra is the head of the regional branch of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Dance Sport, WDSE judge since 2000.

    She judges WDSF competitions all over the world and since 1996 known as organizer of the largest competition in Ukraine "UZHGOROD OPEN". She coached absolute champions of Ukraine in dance sport and absolute Cup Winners of Ukraine as well.  Her sportsmen reached the highest ranks in the World and European Final program , in particular:

    3rd place in the World Championship,

    3rd place in the European Championship of 10 dances

    2nd place of the World Cup of 10 dances .

    The team «Formation » she coaches is the two –time winner in Ukraine in the Latin American program.

    Adjudicator/Invigilator- Patti Panebianco


    As a result of her dynamic energy & charisma, Patti Panebianco is a sought after adjudicator & invigilator for numerous NDCA & USA Dance competitions as well as being the former treasurer & national committee member for the US Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is the recipient of numerous professional championship titles in both Int’l Latin & American Rhythm styles. She holds licentiate certifications in all styles of dance with U.S.I.S.T.D, I.S.T.D. and Terpsichore and is a popular trainer for professionals & amateurs for their national certifications with the U.S.I.S.T.D. She is a “B” licensed World Class Adjudicator with World Dancesport Federation as well as Chairperson of Judges. WDSF Absolute Judging System.


    Adjudicator- Svetlana Axten



    Svetlana Axten is coach,choreographer,adjudicator licensed in ProDvida in International Latin, International Ballroom, American Smooth, American Latin,Theater Art.

    Former Russian 10 dance Champion

    Former US Professional 10 dance Finalist

    Former Fred Astaire dance Champion

    Graduated Moscow State Theater Art University in choreography and coaching Ballroom and Latin

    Former Soloist of Ballroom dance Theater in Moscow

    Performed on many TV shows,commercials in US and Russia

    Participated in over 700 shows, 25 Nationals and International tours

    Worked in Fred Astaire dance studio in New York and California

    Representative in Professional ten-dance team match 1992,1993,1994

    Worked in the Top junior dance studio "OC Dancing " in Newport Beach,CA

    Adjudicator- Elena Nikon

    Ontario, Canada


    WDSF - A+ B+

    Elena Nikon is a former Ballroom and Latin American Amateur and Professional dancer. Participant of European and World Championships. She is a Coach and Owner of multiple Dance Studios since 1985. She is currently coach and owner of Dance Mania Studio in Toronto, Canada in which there are many Canadian Champions that represent Canada in the World Championships.


    Elena Nikon is classified as a National, WDSF and WDSF PD Adjudicator

  • Adjudicator - Jeffrey Garza

    • Jeffrey has been very lucky to have had the chance to perform all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. As a musician/singer/dancer, he has performed with the likes of Pat Boone, Shirley Jones, Television, Stage, Cruise Line, and in major special events. 
    •  Currently, Jeffrey is a Professional Ballroom Dancer and Coach. He was a former competitor in the American Ballroom (Smooth) and Rhythm Divisions, competing across the country. He achieved success in the Rising Star and Open Professional divisions as a Finalist and Champion at many prestigious events including the Ohio Star Ball, Emerald Ball, Embassy Ball and many others. 
    • He is Certified as a Dual-Fellow in American Smooth/Rhythm and International Style Ballroom/Latin and is Championship Certified as an Adjudicator, Judging competitions around the world

    Adjudicator - Maja Serve

    Oro Valley, AZ

     USA Dance - A+ B+ C+ D+ E+ Five times Danish Professional Standard Champion and Finalist in All Major Championships including World, European, International and UK Championships, British Open, German Open, US Open, Japan Open and Dutch Open.
    High level coach to more than 10 US Champions, 4 World Youth Champions, Coach to the Current World Professional Champions and many other World Finalists. She is Certified Fellow in all styles of dance and has judged many championships throughout the world. IDTA Certified and WDDSC World Class Judge. She is the pioneer of `the Body School System` of dancing in the US. She has taught dancing (all styles), golf and tennis to world class athletes using the Body School System since 1988.
    She got certified as a life coach with Bob Proctor in 1998. She is a Lifecoach, motivational speaker and mental coach to corporations, athletes and individuals.
    She is the owner of Queen Of Organics which includes 100% toxic free and organic products. To back up her passions for green living she created Concept Village which displays samples building of green, natural and sustainable building methods. She started a contracting company this year to support Concept Village.

    Adjudicator- Giacomo Steccaglia

    Rome, Italy

    Raised in the small Northern Italian town Arcola (population 100), Giacomo excelled at sports like soccer, track & field, and swimming. At age 14, however, he chose dancing because “that’s where all the girls were.” Three months later, he won the first of his five National Amateur Championships and went on to represent Italy at both the European and World Championships. After marrying Melissa Dexter, Giacomo turned professional and together they won four Italian Professional Championships, two Vice South American Showdance Championships, as well as Imperial, All England, and Universal Championships. In addition, they placed second in the World Professional Masters, and were finalists in the European and World Latin American Dance Championships. Having performed in places like the Kremlin in Moscow, Royal Albert Hall in London, Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, and New York’s Madison Square Garden, Giacomo is a popular international lecturer, world class judge, and coach. Giacomo is the current Vice President of Dancesport for USA Dance.

    Music Director - Wes Acker


    Registrar - Barbara Baran


    Barbara is currently the President of the Greater Hartford, Connecticut USA Dance Chapter, wherein she initiated a college scholarship program focused upon the personal and academic impact of ballroom dancing upon high school students. The program is currently in its eighth year with over $17,000 awarded in college scholarships. She has also developed and helped to pilot a successful school program which integrates the fundamentals of project management within a structured ballroom program using the WDSF syllabus. The program's goal is to prepare the future leaders of USA Dance.

    Barbara enjoys studying the International Standard and American Smooth styles. She holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering together with an MBA. She is currently an IT Program Management Consultant for major pharmaceutical and financial services companies.

    Registrar - Geri Chaudhri

    Redondo Beach, California

    Geri Chaudhri has over 30 years of experience in business and is an avid dancer.  She has competed at the bronze and silver levels in both the American Smooth and International style of dancing for the past several years.  She currently works as a software engineer for the Aerospace Corporation, a federally funded research and development corporation, where she is also the president of the dance club.   On the weekends, you may see her out on the road with her cycling club or hiking some of the beautiful trails in Palos Verdes.