• Entries Posted

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  • Competitors

    Event Styles, Proficiency, and Age Levels

    The competition will include Standard, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm for ages Pre-teen through Senior III. Proficiency levels will range from Bronze through Championship, and we welcome Amateur, Teacher/Student, Mixed Proficiency, Solo Proficiency, and Same Sex Couples. All ages welcome with events ranging from Pre-Teen I through Senior III.


    The Amateur Caribbean Division will include single and multi-dance events in Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. Novice and Open skill levels are offered for Juvenile (0-9), Jr Youth (12-18), and Open (16+).


    We will also have a Professional Rhythm Division.

    Be prepared

    Don't have a USA Dance number?

    All amateur competitors will need a USA Dance number to register for this event. WDSF affiliated membership from any country is also acceptable.


    USA Dance Membership page

  • Registration Tips


    • Download the worksheets and pick your events - note the age categories associated with the events you want to compete in
    • Review the Registration fee options and select what works best for you
    • Check with your school or studio to see if they are submitting entries in the system as a group
    • Obtain or renew your USA Dance membership and have the number for each competitor
      • WDSF affiliated DanceSport organization is acceptable - add to the note in the account section

    Register in O2CM

    • Click Register button to get to O2CM page
    • Enter your email and password if you have previously used system - otherwise leave blank and submit, password will be mailed to you
    • Enter name, address phone, add a note if international WDSF member and number
      • Be sure to add your studio/school/instructor so they get credit toward Top Studio Award
    • Save account info
    • Select Lead - if not in drop down, click new to add; Similarly select Follow
      • If dancing a single dance solo proficiency, create a partner Invisible Lead or Invisible Follow (or NA)
    • Select Division, Age and Skill and available events should become visible
      • If you don't see the event you are interested in, try a different equivalent age category (e.g. Caribbean, solo, team are offered as Juvenile, Youth or Open) or a different Division
      • Still can't find what you're looking for?  Drop us a line at HBDSchallenge.info@gmail.com
    • Select the events desired and click add couple to events
    • A registration package for each competitor must be selected to get to payment screen
      • Competitors select package starting with "Reg" based on where you'd like to sit and lunch option
      • Additional spectator tickets for family and friends may be added here (include name if they will check in separate from you, or type YourName's Guest and you will need to be at check in with them for admission)
    • PayNow should appear (scroll to bottom) - click to make payment
    • You can log in later to make changes if needed
      • Use Modify on left to remove unwanted events from list as needed
    • Not quite right - let us know at HBDSchallenge.info@gmail.com so we can get it taken care of in advance

    Account info

    • You will likely get an email from the system in a week to verify that the information is correct or let you know if there is missing info
    • Verify the information in advance to save time day of the event
    • Keep practicing and we look forward to see you on the floor!