• Caribbean Division Rules

    Salsa/ Bachata / Merengue Couples, AKA Caribbean style of dancing.

    2017 Hot Ballroom DanceSport Challenge Guidelines

    Salsa/ Bachata / Merengue Couples (Caribbean).

    Single dance competition.

    1. Each dance is judged individually.
    2. Description - This is a couples Caribbean style division. Usually 6 couples will be dancing on the floor at all rounds. See Format.
    3. Participants - This division can be male and female dancing together or same gender dancing together. The hold position is required for Partnership score. 
    4. Music, Tempo and Time- 1 min. 30 sec. of dancing . Music of Organizers choice. 
    5. Salsa -  50-52 bars per minute tempo for Salsa.                     **Note to competitors: We allow 3 style of Salsa: The Cuban style of Salsa, the Puerto Rico/New York style (Street Mambo) and the LA style. All three styles are accepted. 
    6. Music accent - It is allowed to break on the 1st and 3rd beat in the bar or the 2nd and 4th beat in the bar. What is important is to keep the consistence of the breaking. If one starts on breaking on 1 or 3 one must continue to break on 1 or 3 and not travel on to break on 2 and 4 suddenly.
      Merengue - 30-34 bars per min. 
      Bachata - 28-32 bars per min in Bachata.
    7. Limits - You cannot do any acrobatics in this division. This means at least one hand or foot for each person must be touching and connected to the floor at all times.
    8. Format - All participating couples will be divided into heats. The number of couples or duos in the same heat is depending of the size of the dance floor. May be 6- up to 8 couples. Each heat will last up to 1 minute 30 seconds long. Each round cut 1/2 of participating couples. The best scored couples will be advanced to the next round. Final is 6 ( max. 8 ) couples.

    Scoring/Skating system:

    The judges will be scoring the dancers in 4 aspects:

    1. Technique.
    2. Partnering skills.Holds. Synchronization. Use of space.
    3. Musicality. Timing.
    4. Choreography and presentation, costumes.


    1. Medals for 1-3 places. Ribbons for 4-6, or all finalists.